Best DAO Crypto Coins

With the onset of Blockchain Technology and various smart contracts, you can now easily create companies that bear supportive peer-to-peer relationships. Its diverse members govern a DAO via …

Best DAO Crypto

With the onset of Blockchain Technology and various smart contracts, you can now easily create companies that bear supportive peer-to-peer relationships. Its diverse members govern a DAO via consensus.
The rules are sorted with the help of contracts fulfilled by computer codes. These codes automate the organization’s management. DAOs operate on tokens, and the organizations use these to reward the various activities of their members.
Investing in DAOs enables the members to get the right to vote for decisions in favor of the organization. Members making stakes in DAOs can suggest its future as well. One of the good things about DAOs is that it is entirely autonomous and independent.
Read on to learn more about DAOs and the best DAP crypto coins in the market today.
Best Dao Crypto Curve

What is a DAO?

DAO stands for Distributed Autonomous Organization. It means exactly as it sounds. The decisions involving the underlying project’s future are governed by a large number of people worldwide who also happen to be members of the DAO.
This concept replaces hierarchical order and provides mechanisms for every member with an equal voice in the governance decisions. So, if you are looking for crypto exchange platforms that give you the freedom of being involved in governing decisions, this is an ideal platform.
The structure of DAO incentivizes the community members to take part in important decisions in terms of the long-term feasibility of products and services. Primarily, the DAOs are categorized as profit-makers or non-profit makers, with more and more DAO members inclining towards the non-profit makers’ side.



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The new and old members of DAO are continually looking for evangelizing and supporting blockchain systems. They issue grants via digital assets, such as ether. More precisely, DAOs today have become the major funding leader for ETH 1.X, besides the upcoming evolution to Serenity using ETH 2.0.

What are DAOs Used for?

Although the DAOs are still at their budding stage, many cease to exist today. When you research and look into the market, you would observe operational DAOs such as DASH managed by its users, MakerDAO, a software for stablecoin, and Augur, a platform for predictions.
Other uses of DAOs would ideally include incentivizing operational social media platforms or shared virtual platforms.

Elon Musk DaoSource: Twitter

How do DAOs Work?

DAOs operate according to a structure that follows the rules and regulations built over source code and enforced via smart contracts. For those who don’t know, smart contracts are agreements meant to execute certain conditions. Usually, the DAO stakeholders generate these particular rules.
There is no particular working hierarchy for the DAOs. Instead, DAOs intend to align the organization’s interests and its members while incentivizing a shared user network for fulfilling their goals. The internal capital of DAO incentivizes these users and ensures the smooth execution of the organization.
Once the original rules and regulations have been transformed into smart contracts, DAOs enter a funding stage which is welcome to anyone who can access it.

Governance of DAOs

Once the funding stage has been fulfilled, the DAO is active and operational. This means that significant decisions about the organization are free to be made by the users with a consensus for proposals.
After converting the rules into a voting contract, the members of DAO can vote on the proposals. These votes need to be proportional to the locked cryptocurrency. Usually, the proposal is based on the predetermined network of consensus rules. Additionally, voters are rewarded with extra cryptocurrency for taking part.

Types of DAOs

Before you skip to the types of DAO, it is best to understand that DAO is a vast concept. It stands for a wide variety of groups and businesses. Each collective of DAO is different from the other despite sharing the common element of being a DAO.
Here are a few examples of the most commonly heard DAOs.



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Best DAO Crypto Coins

Although you’ve gone through the common types of DAO in the previous section, read this section to learn about the best DAO crypto coins prevalent in the market. Crypto investors have the liberty to use native tokens for investing in DAO. Even the decentralized enterprise uses a unique code in the blockchain network.
Here are three of the best DAO tokens you must explore if you choose to invest in DAO crypto coins.


Ripple is an exchange platform that enables money to flow freely using XRP on a public ledger. It is a simple concept embraced by several financial institutions. Although some users believe Ripple is a speculative investment at its best, it faces immense competition from fellow payment platforms.
Most users believe that Ripple is an undervalued platform whose value has been subdued due to previous court cases. In other words, Ripple has been playing low profile for quite some time. However, due to the positive impact that Ripple has on the BTC movements, it has excellent potential to observe an upward curve.


DAO Maker


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MakerDAO has ceased to be one of the best and well-established DAO in the space encompassing its founders and the participating community of governance polls with the governance dashboard. MakerDAO uses MKR, its native token, for voting on polls.
MKR is also the sole value capturing mechanism for this particular system. This implies that the ones who shape the ecosystem via holding and voting using MKR tokens are on the beneficial edge given the future successes of the project.
The future of DAO seems bright, given the emergence of new and updated forms of DAO crypto coins. In such pursuits, DAO members determine the potential risks and implementations of new assets.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu


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Shiba Inu is in line to become the next Dogecoin. It even comes with an exciting story of origination. Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-Canadian and writer, was gifted half of Shiba Inu’s coins by its unknown founder without the knowledge of Buterin.
Buterin is a reputable buyer in the crypto world. However, this gesture gave him the power to pull its inception. The price of Shiba Inu dropped from $0.00004 to about $0.00001 and hovered around this price for months.
Similarly, the price kept fluctuating for a few months and finally started soaring towards the end of the year. Therefore, if you choose to invest in Shiba Inu, consider the prices before investing.

How to buy DAO Crypto Coins

To invest in DAO crypto coins, you need to find an appropriate exchange supporting both fiat and cryptocurrency. This would make buying a DAO crypto coin easier for you, especially if you are a beginner. Here are the steps to guide you to the investing procedure of DAO crypto coins.

  1. Register an account with your suitable exchange platform that supports DAO.
  2. Deposit funds into that account via bank transfer, credit or debit card, or cryptocurrency from a crypto wallet.
  3. Buy the DAO crypto coin of your choice.
  4. Complete the purchase process and find a suitable digital wallet to store your DAO coins.

What about the Constitution DAO?

The Constitution DAO (2021-2021) was a memorable and inspirational experiment with a single-purpose DAO. The investors believe that the course of this project is sorted. The community did all it could to organize and accomplish its goals.
The community raised the capital and did the necessary refunding process when they lost. However, the purpose did not remain unfulfilled. The core team realized that tokens could no longer realize rights, governance, or utility while purchasing the Constitution.
You have the choice of redeeming them from Ethereum or other smart contracts. A fixed ratio was incorporated for the community for the initial crowdfund meant to buy the Constitution. You also have the option of buying $PEOPLE tokens and implementing them as per your choice.
Most people interested in buying the Constitution use such tokens to invest in future projects. But it is worth knowing that the ConstitutionDAO cannot and won’t endorse future project plans for the tokens.

DAO HolderSource: Twitter

A DAO Raising Money for a Cause Has Raised Over $4 Million

One of the biggest news in the DAO cryptocurrency circuit has been the breakthrough of this particular coin that was developed to raise funds to free Julian Assange. This coin has raised over $4 million so far.

Let’s try and get into the details of this revelation.

How It Happened

AssangeDAO, established by a group referred to as a ‘collective of cypherpunks,’ started raising funds to free Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder. The motive of the DAO is to raise money that will be used to bid for an NFT the digital artist Pak created.

Similarities with ConstitutionDAO

The structure and governance of AssangeDAO are similar to that of ConstitutionDAO. Anyone can contribute to the fund, and in return, they receive a proportionate value of its governance token – JUSTICE. As of February 4th, 2022, AssangeDAO has raised 1,441 Ethers (worth $4 million).

AssangeDAO was formed on February 3rd by ten partners. Many experts claim that it is a strategic step towards democratic wealth that defies the corporate realms.

The DAO was a cryptocurrency promotion by organizations associated with Assange. According to its tweet, Assange is recognized as a symbol of individual sovereignty in the 21st century.

Similar Coins

A DAO that has a similar story to AssangeDAO is the FreeRossDAO. It raised funds to free Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road Online Marketplace founder. It managed to garner over $12.5 million to bid on a collection of Ulbricht’s outcomes as a single NFT. The DAO won the auction and bought the NFT for over $6 million in Ethereum at that time.

Final Words: The Future of DAO

As more and more businesses are investing in cryptocurrencies worldwide to make payments and access digital collectibles, it indicates that DAO is here to stay. It will continue to form and raise money for digital and physical assets. DAO crypto coins are available in different choices and enable you to go for the type of crypto coin you wish to invest in.
Investors are even using it to buy sports teams that cost beyond $1.7 million. So, it can be rightly concluded that DAO crypto coins are the future of investments in businesses and other platforms. Whether bidding on the Constitution, buying a Wu-Tang Clan album, or acquiring the NBA, DAOs make anything possible in this economy.

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